holdercards - compact folding holders for smartphones and tablets




holdercards provides a fantastic seamless experience that will keep people engaged in long-term relationships with the brand

have you noticed?

When you focus on building a positive marketing culture and providing great opportunities, the profit almost takes care of itself

Efficiency, convenience & friendly way-to-use options are what people value most in this handy item

Young generation activation:
a giant leap beyond engagement

Immediately gain trust and loyalty among younger individuals by increasing their involvement in creating blog posts, videos, and photos.

Sound like a dream, huh?

Youngsters will have an easy way to hold their smartphone correctly without hands and create content whenever they go

Personalization: your Key to the core

Traditional advertising is losing its effectiveness, so what’s the answer? Personalized messages that forge a real connection between the brand and people.

The top 7 reasons why phone stand holdercards are so important nowadays

There are currently over 4.8 billion individuals using phones worldwide. Recent studies have shown that the average adult spends more than 4 hours a day on the phone.

holdercards can provide many benefits to users through a variety of tasks during their day.

Wanna focus why?

  • 1. Easy to take with you (credit-card shape perfectly matched with any purse)

    One main benefit is that holdercards are made in the ergonomic shape of credit cards. It can be easily packed phone stand in any pursue. So you can be sure you have complete control of your device whenever you go.

  • 2. Never miss a bit while working remotely

    People who work from home know how important it is to have their phones handy. If your phone is out of sight, it’s easy to miss an important phone call from your coworker, boss, or client. Fortunately, holdercards keeps your phone directly in front of you.

    This small advance may not seem like it does a lot for your work, but it can actually improve your sense of present awareness and help you perform better.

  • 3. Make your journey comfortable and wath movies on the go

    Whether you walk through the streets of your natural habitat or travel abroad. holdercards works great for watching movies, YouTube videos, and reading your favorite publications in a hotel lobby or on the coffee table early in the morning

    Tip! This portable phone stand will also work great whenever you go, allowing you to enjoy the same benefits of an organized workspace as those working from home.

  • 4. Imagine the possibilities of an on-the-way content & video creation for social media In this era, anything less than perfect simply designed doesn’t work.

    Whether the pictures and videos are being used on a business website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or another platform, the content needs to be produced easily if you want to conquer. With holdercards you can operate hands-free and enjoy the process.

  • 5. Video calling

    Video calls can be used for personal or professional use. However, they are used, and holding one’s phone for an extended period of time can quickly become annoying.

    From hurting one’s wrist to simply wanting to change positions without moving the camera, holding a smartphone during a video call is never ideal. holdercards help alleviate the stress of holding a phone during those long video or conference calls. You can easily rely on the stand to support the weight of the phone.

  • 6. Cooking

    With a holdercards , following cooking instructions or meal prep is simple and calming.

    Cell phone stands allow your phone to display the recipe hands-free, letting you cut and cook without distraction.

    Try to keep your phone clean. Let's face it, cooking is messy. A good phone stand allows you to place your phone in an area that is less likely to be exposed to food. This helps reduce any mess or spills onto your device.

  • 7. An easier shopping experience

    Shopping can take time. Lots of browsing, reading reviews, watching video comparisons, etc. That can get pretty tiring if you're holding your phone. With a holdercards, you can sit or lay in a comfortable position and shop away

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